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Kids have endless demands and numerous choices to choose from. Our store offers you to shop for your little ones online, right from a fancy pencil to a game or a cartoon mat or a lovely towel for your princess or prince. We have many options, some of which shall always be displayed here in our kids section. Sammiez,d store you'll adore tries to bring items that you would love to pick for your kids and they would love to be gifted with. 

Come up for birthday gifts, return gifts or visitor gift items, school bags, tiffins, water bottles and stationary items etc.

Partywear Zipper

Partywear velvet zipper top for young girls. Can be worn closed or open with matching top underneath. Looks good on both westerns and indian wear. size - 6 years - 10 years  (size varies from individual to individual depending upon height
415.00 INR

Soft Kids Seat

Cute soft multicolored seat for your kids room. Different cartoon face on each side. Now it would be easy to make your toddler sit at one place to have her food or milk!! Size - 10 by 10 approx
650.00 550.00 INR

Glow Wall Stickers

Take your child to the glow world with these flourescent glow wall stickers for kids room.
270.00 250.00 INR

Kids Friendship Bands

Adorable colorful friendship bands for kids. Use as welcome bands for a party or as return gifts or just as a token of love.
40.00 INR

Cute Cartoon Stationary Sets

Cute and colorful cartoon character stationary sets your kids will love to possess. Visit Shop Online Delhi for small gift items for kids.
60.00 INR

Keychain Sets

Light weight attractive, useful keychain sets for kids. Can be used as return gifts, birthday gift or just as a visiting gift to specially boys for their cycles or scuty.
50.00 INR

Smart Friendship Bands

 Smart and colorful friendship bands. Can be used as return gifts or as welcome bands to a house warming party or a birthday party or as a token of love to your dear ones.
70.00 INR

Kids Tooth Brush With Cap

Cute and colorful cartoon toothbrushes for kids with bristle cap. No more running away from cleaning those little pearls in the mouth !! *designs depend upon availability
75.00 INR

Black Smart Watch

Stylish smart black and yellow watch for youngsters.
240.00 INR

Purple Smart Watch

Digital cum needle watch . A smart watch for smart youngsters.
240.00 INR

Cute red girls watch

Sleek red girls watch.
220.00 INR

Boys Red Watch

Smart needle watch for your young boy.
240.00 INR

Balloon Skirt

Printed pretty cotton balloon skirt for your doll. Red - 5yrs-6yrs Yellow - 3yrs-4yrs
200.00 INR

Cute Tic Tac Clips

Cute stick on tic tac hair clips for your little ones.
15.00 INR

Cap Clips For Kids

Cute colored hat shaped hair clips for your dolls.
20.00 INR

Colored Doodles

Pretty, colored hair doodles to complement your wear. Rs.20 a pair.
20.00 INR

Magnetic Dart Game

Interesting and safe magnetic dart board game, with dart game on one side and a white board on the other.
299.00 240.00 INR

Baby Teethers

Colorful and safe baby teethers.
90.00 INR

Room Decors

Beautiful room decors to add crunch to your little one's room.
120.00 INR

Fridge Magnets

Cute Cartoon Magnets in different sizes. Price varies according  to the size, ranging from Rs.90 to Rs.150.
100.00 INR

Herbal Bal Shakti - Kids Syrup

Your child is the best thing that has ever been blessed to you. You would not want him/her to rely upon something you don't feel is safe enough. Herbal Bal Shakti Syrup with confirmed results. Prevents Anemia. Improves Hemoglobin. Increases
160.00 140.00 INR

Stationary Set For Kids

Useful packs of stationary items for kids. Includes items like diary, set of crayons, pencils, sharpner, pen. The items combination may vary in different sets.
199.00 190.00 INR

Stylish Paper Pad Holder

Cute paper pad holder with a small pen to be kept for quick notes on the study or in the kitchen.
140.00 INR

Travel Edition Game Pack

The evergreen and ever-loved travel edition pack of ludo, snakes and ladders jigsaw set. Your kid's gonna love this !
179.00 140.00 INR

School Bag

Attractive, comfortable, spacious pink and rey school bag. Washable and waterproof bag .
550.00 INR

Kids Cotton Pyjamas

Cotton printed lowers for kids. Unisew Lowers. Size - 4 years - 6years
140.00 INR

Beautiful Goody Bags

Pack your gifts in these beautiful cane and net goody bags. Can be used for any age and occasion. Rs.90 per piece
100.00 INR

Paper Clips

Character paper clips to help your kid love his/her notebooks and books. Help them clip the pages while they work to keep away the flying pages disturbing your little one. Unique return gift idea. Rs.60  a pair.
60.00 INR

Kids Water Bottle

Bright colored good quality insulated Nayasa water bottle for kids. Affordable and ideal for summers. Odorfree. 1 litre - rs 240 500ml - rs.180 (mrp - rs.239)
239.00 200.00 INR

Kids Water Bottle

Bright colored good quality insulated water bottle for kids. Affordable and ideal for summers. Odorfree. 900ml 
339.00 300.00 INR

Kids Water Bottle

Bright colored good quality water bottles for kids. Affordable and ideal for summers. Odorfree. 700ml - rs.150
158.00 150.00 INR

Kids Water Bottle

Bright colored good quality water bottles for kids. Affordable and ideal for summers. Odorfree. 750 ml - Rs.170 1 litre - Rs.200 (mrp - rs.234)
210.00 190.00 INR

Kids Cut Sleeve Set

Comfortable cotton wear for kids. Summer wear in attractive colors. Sizes - 22 / 24 / 26 *color combination might vary in different sizes.
320.00 INR

Kids Pouches

Kids will love to use these little cute pouches for their stationary or dolls items or stickers. Use as small gifts filled with little items or for ocassions like Kanjak.
15.00 INR

Girls School Bag

Comfortable to carry, washable school bag for girls . Appropriate from grade 3 to grade 7.
550.00 INR

Girls Picnic Bag

Beautiful printed picnic bag for young girls. Who doesn't love to carry a princess along at her picnics and feel like one herself ! - Water proof material - Easy to carry sling - Easy to use pockets - Washable
250.00 INR