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"Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. " Zoe Kravitz

And beauty comes from within when you are healthy from inside out. The world today is striving for natural products, products which would serve as an asset to keep thou self some bit safe from the pollution and environmanetal hazards and life stress. In such a time, we have an asset from herbal products, products that nature hads gifted the mankind with. But do not get befooled or manipulated by any XYZ herbal company.Sammiez, D Store You'll Adore proudly and confidently offers the completely herbal products of IMC, a WHO certified company that manufactures natural herbal products. Their products range from herbal skin care, hair care products, seasonal requirement products, healthcare herbal remedies and even home utility products, safe for all age groups.

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Oriflame Forest Glade Talc

Oriflame Forest Glade Talc. 100gm
59.00 45.00 INR

Oriflame Giordani Talc

Oriflame Giordani Gold perfumed summer talc. 100gm
119.00 100.00 INR

Oriflame Floral Talc

Soft floral summer talc from Oriflame. 100gm
69.00 60.00 INR

Herbal Aloe Anti Ageing Cream

Aloe Cream is an excellent, Anti-Ageing, Anti- Wrinkle, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Pimple, Anti-Septic & Natural Sun Screen. Makes the Skin Young, Fair, Smooth, Soft & Supple. Helps in removing dark circles.  Enriched with natural bliss of
170.00 INR

Herbal Bal Shakti - Kids Syrup

Your child is the best thing that has ever been blessed to you. You would not want him/her to rely upon something you don't feel is safe enough. Herbal Bal Shakti Syrup with confirmed results. Prevents Anemia. Improves Hemoglobin. Increases
160.00 140.00 INR

Herbal Face Wash

Who doesn't love a clean, clear and supple face. To keep the face clean and beautiful Herbal Face Wash with Aloevera-Neem-Lemon-Glycerine. Herbal Face Wash is free of Soap. 150 ml
375.00 360.00 INR

Aloe Herbal Face Gel

Amazingly effective herbal face gel filled with the goodness of aloe and other herbs. It moisturizes  the skin, makes it soft, smooth, supple, healthy, bright and glowing. Prevent wrinkles, pimples, blemishes, brown or black patches, stretch
180.00 170.00 INR

Herbal Lip Glow

Take care of your lovely smile. IMC's herbal lip glow keeps your lips soft, rejuvenates, smooths away any dry lines. This natural herbal lip glow  lightens and glosses dry, chapped and dark lips. Give that healthy safe sheen to your lip
80.00 70.00 INR

Herbal Facial Kit

Increases fairness, Improves the texture and complexion of the skin, makes the skin soft, supple, smooth, young, beautiful & nourished. Use facial kit minimum once in a week. Products of Herbal Aloe Facial Kit -  Herbal Skin
850.00 800.00 INR

Aloe Herbal Eye Mask

Herbal eye mask enriched with the goodness of aloe vera. Apply the mask for 10 minutes daily for best results.Keeps eyes beautiful, prevents and reduces under eye dark circles, wrinkles, fatigue due to harmful sun rays , watching T.V. and using
350.00 330.00 INR

Herbal Skin Toner Bar

WHO certified IMC's herbal skin  toner bar. It is an effective face and body wash. Herbal skin toner works as facial. It protects the skin from infection, pimples, and bad odour. Makes the skin soft, glowing and beautiful. Helps in removing
85.00 80.00 INR

Herbal Talcum With Aloe Vera

Herbal talcum powder enriched with Aloe Vera, Neem, Pudina, Amla. Medicated, Anti-septic, Anti-Fungal Deodorant. Protect yourself and your little ones from the scorching sun this summer.
130.00 120.00 INR

Herbal Face Cleanser

WHO certified IMC's herbal face cleanser. Renews growth of skin cells. Soothes eruption & purifies skin. Protects the skin from infections. Prevents pimples, patches, fine lines, wrinkles & red spots.
250.00 220.00 INR

Herbal Hair Conditioner

Herbal hair conditioner from WHO certified IMC. Repairs, Nourishes, Moisturises, Conditions & soothes hair without leaving residue. Pamper your hair with healthy and safe products
275.00 260.00 INR

Herbal Antacid Tablets

WHO certified completely herbal antacid. Keep yourself free form the burning sensation and enjoy your meal to the fullest.
360.00 320.00 INR